Travelling with Arthur Hardy’s 2012 “Israel – A Travelling Symposium” was a life-changing experience. We walked where Jesus walked while Arthur revealed to us a whole new depth of meaning from the New Testament record. As we now study the life of Jesus Christ, we more fully appreciate His life and ministry and His atoning sacrifice for mankind.

We want to take another Tour!

Adrian and Agnes Martin



I have been on two of Arthur Hardy’s tours. The first one was to Egypt and Israel in April 2010, and the other was Greece and Turkey in March 2011. They were well organised, with good knowledgeable tour guides. We travelled by plane, coach, and boat, in various places. On each occasion, I shared a room with someone I had not met before, but was matched up with lovely ladies. Everywhere we stopped Arthur would read from scriptures or other books about events which had happened in those locations. It brought the tours alive, and helped in my understanding of important places. My travelling companions became good friends.

Angela Sweeney

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Travelling with the LDS leadership of King Arthur Tours to Greece and Turkey gave us complete peace of mind. All the arrangements for hotels, coach trips and entrance to historic sites were taken care of for us. We benefitted greatly from the tour leader’s knowledge and understanding of the places we visited. We enjoyed uplifting, convivial LDS company in a nice-sized group and there was a great sharing of testimonies about scriptures connected with the sites we visited. We would not hesitate to whole-heartedly endorse King Arthur Tours and travel with them again.

Warrick and Lydia Kear


We travelled at Easter 2009, visiting Jordan, Egypt and Israel.

We visited Jordan to see and experience the Dead Sea, visit the River Jordan and also the magnificent Petra. In Egypt we visited the Pyramids.

These were wonderful tourist locations as were the locations we visited in Israel: Caesarea, Masada, Qumran, Jericho, Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee.

The main aim of the tour for us was to walk in the footsteps of the Saviour and to feel of the spirit of the land where He walked, taught and performed his miracles.

This we achieved with several spiritual experiences, as we were so ably and instructively led by Bro and Sister Hardy. Insights from the scriptures on the various sites were so uplifting and instructive.

We had a wonderful experience – moments that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. The spirit whispered to us on several occasions and we did achieve what we set out to do – to feel of the Saviour’s presence – which was still present.

A wonderful trip, thoroughly recommended – a journey of a lifetime.

Roger and Moira Head


A Testimonial on holidays with Brother and Sister Arthur and Denise Hardy

Did you see the recent British pageant? Well, put simply, a holiday with the Hardy’s can be compared to that experience – wonderful, special and spiritual moments combined with history and lots of fun in a very well organized way, all enjoyed in the company of like minded people.

I had the wonderful blessing of going on a visit to the Holy Land in 2010 with Arthur and Denise and from start to finish the organization was impeccable. We visited so many special places, with good transport and accommodation between sites, and whilst wasting little time during the holiday, we had plenty of time to sit and hear readings from the scriptures or insightful short talks from Brother and Sister Hardy, or guides where appropriate, on the history and events associated with each site. There were also opportunities to have ‘free time’ to explore away from the group or to just ‘recover and relax’ , although the overall trend – and certainly for me, was to grasp onto seeing and doing everything I could and a reasonable level of fitness was required to be able to do that. ,As a single sister, ‘though I did travel with a friend, there was a safety and friendship within the group and I especially recall the sense of protection provided by the brethren, – the Priesthood, where necessary.

Should the opportunity arise that I could join Arthur and Denise Hardy for another holiday I would not hesitate, and would recommend such holidays to anyone without hesitation.

Heather Baker