About Us

King Arthur Tours is a new company organised by

Peter KING & ARTHUR Hardy, who both have wide experience in arranging and leading tour groups.

Arthur has led tours to the Holy Land since 1993, including extension tours to Egypt and Petra in Jordan, branching out by leading his cruise in the Aegean Sea “Islands and Ports of Paul and John” in 2011. He has been a Seminary and Institute Coordinator for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 1978, and has a wide and deep knowledge of the Scriptures and Church History which he shares to add immeasurably to the experience of travelling in these special places.

Peter has organised youth football tours for Manchester United …and joined Arthur in his tours in 2009 providing invaluable assistance and becoming an indispensible partner in ensuring the smooth running of the tours and the comfort and safety of all our clients.